First Ad Tying Gulf Oil Spill With National Security, Launched by Vets with $1.5 Million Ad Buy

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PUBLISHED: May 27, 2010

Vet Who Served in Clean-Up With Louisiana National Guard Says In Ad:

“When I signed on with the National Guard, I did it to help protect America from our enemies... Not to clean up an oil company’s mess here in the Gulf of Mexico.”

"If not now, when" is the time for a clean energy plan to be enacted?

WASHINGTON, DC – A massive $1.5 million television and web ad campaign launching this week makes the first connection between the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and our national security.  The ad campaign, sponsored by, features a veteran who served with the Louisiana National Guard, cleaning up the massive spill, speaking from a polluted shoreline of Louisiana.

A version of the ad can be viewed here:   The full script and backup is below.

In the ad, Louisiana resident and veteran Evan Wolf makes the point that the necessity of using the Guard to help clean up efforts takes the military away from critical national security missions.  Indeed, over 11,000 Guardsmen have been sent to the Gulf to help with the clean up.

In the ad, Wolf says, “When I signed on with the National Guard, I did it to help protect America from our enemies… Not to clean up an oil company’s mess here in the Gulf of Mexico… But America needs a new mission.  Because whether it’s deep-drilling oil out here, or spending a billion dollars a day on oil from our enemies overseas, our dependence on oil is threatening our national security.”

"Some folks in Washington say now is not the time for clean American power.  I got to ask - if not now, when?" he closes.

The television ad will run on national cable, with versions running in Louisiana, Florida, Maine, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and New Hampshire, that call on those states’ Senators to push clean legislation forward.  Legislation pending in the Senate would cut America’s foreign oil dependence in half, expand the clean energy manufacturing tax credit by $5 billion and force offshore drilling rigs further offshore. is a pro-military organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, dedicated to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary.  It primarily focuses on education and advocacy on issues of importance to the troops and veterans, and holding politicians accountable for their actions on these issues.


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Veteran: When I signed on with the National Guard, I did it to help protect America from our enemies, like in the Persian Gulf

Not to clean up an oil company’s mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

We’ll do whatever mission we’re given, and do it well. But America needs a new mission.

At Least 11,500 National Guardsmen Have Been Deployed To The Gulf Coast To Assist With Oil-Spill Cleanup And Logistics. “The Pentagon has approved requests from three southern states to bankroll the deployment of thousands of National Guard troops to help respond to the massive oil slick off the US Gulf Coast. Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave ‘verbal approval’ to requests from governors for 6,000 troops for Mississippi, 3,000 for Alabama and 2,500 for Florida, spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan told reporters. Gates previously endorsed a request from Louisiana for 6,000 troops, of which 1,200 have been activated so far, Lapan said.” [Agence France-Presse5/4/10]

Veteran: Because whether it’s deep-drilling oil out here or spending a billion dollars a day on oil from our enemies overseas

Our dependence on oil is threatening our national security.

The U.S. Imports A Billion Dollars Worth Of Oil Daily. In 2008, the average cost per barrel of imported crude oil was $92.61 and 9,783,000 barrels of crude oil were imported daily. [EIA, 1/28/10;1/28/10]

The U.S. Imports 1.5 Billion Barrels From Dangerous And Unstable Countries, Annually. “The United States imported 4 million barrels of oil a day—or 1.5 billion barrels per year—from “dangerous or unstable” countries in 2008 at a cost of about $150 billion.” [Center for American Progress, 1/14/10]

·         An 80 Percent Reduction Of Carbon Emissions By 2050, Would Cut Iran’s Oil Revenue By $1.8 Trillion Or $100 Million A Day. An analysis by the Center for American Progresses WonkRoom concluded that an 80 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 levels would eliminate $1.8 trillion in Iranian oil revenue or $100 million a day. [Center for American Progress,4/9/10]

Pentagon: “Climate Change, Energy Security And Economic Stability Are Inextricably Linked.” In 2010, the Department of Defense released the Quadrennial Defense Review and for the first time ever, the report included a section on climate change. The report said that “Climate change and energy are two key issues that will play a significant role in shaping the future security environment. Although they produce distinct types of challenges, climate change, energy security and economic stability are inextricably linked.” [New York Times2/1/10]

·         The Department Of Defense Is Already Incorporating Environmentally Conscious Policies To Address Climate Change. “Climate change and energy will play significant roles in the future security environment. The Department is developing policies and plans to manage the effects of climate change on its operating environment, missions, and facilities. The Department already performs environmental stewardship at hundreds of DoD installations throughout the United States, working to meet resource efficiency and sustainability goals. We must continue incorporating geostrategic and operational energy considerations into force planning, requirements development, and acquisition processes.” [Department of Defense, 2/1/10]

Veteran: Thing is – A  American Power Act would cut our dependence on oil in half.

The American Power Act Will Reduce Carbon Pollution By 80 Percent By 2050. According to the executive summary of the American Power Act, the bill would reduce carbon pollution by 17 percent in 2020 and by over 80 percent in 2050. [Kerry, 5/12/10]

·         An 80 Percent Reduction Of Carbon By 2050 Would Cut U.S. Dependence On Foreign In Half. In 2009, the National Resources Defense Council concluded that an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions would cut U.S. dependence on foreign oil in half. [NRDC, 9/23/09]

Veteran: It's more power for America, made here in America. Putting our people to work. Using all the resources we have.

A Berkley University Study Concluded That Comprehensive Climate Legislation Could Create Up To 1.9 Million Jobs. “A New analysis by the University of California shows conclusively that climate policy will strengthen the U.S. economy as a whole. Full adoption of the ACES package of pollution reduction and energy efficiency measures would create between 918,000 and 1.9 million new jobs, increase annual household income by $487-$1,175 per year, and boost GDP by $39 billion-$111 billion. These economic gains are over and above the growth the U.S. would see in the absence of such a bill.” [UC Berkley, 9/28/09]

Veteran: Some folks in Washington say now's not the time for clean American power.

I gotta ask: If not now.. then when?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Is Committed To Killing Comprehensive Climate And Energy Legislation. In an article about bipartisan negotiations to introduce a climate and energy bill sponsored by Kerry, Graham and Lieberman – the foundation for the American Power Act – Bloomberg report “The measure will need ‘significant bipartisan cooperation’ to pass, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said today in an e-mail. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in an e-mail he will oppose it. ‘Whatever its intentions, this bill is little more than a job-killing national energy tax,’ McConnell said.” [Bloomberg5/12/10]

Lindsey Graham – The Chief Republican Broker In Bipartisan Climate Negotiations – Said That Passing Climate Legislation Is “Extremely Difficult” Because Of Politics. In a statement following the unveiling of the American Power Act, Graham said “We should move forward in a reasoned, thoughtful manner and in a political climate which gives us the best chance at success. The problems created by the historic oil spill in the Gulf, along with the uncertainty of immigration politics, have made it extremely difficult for transformational legislation in the area of energy and climate to garner bipartisan support at this time." [Graham, 5/12/10]

Veteran: Call your senators.  It's time to make America more secure, with more clean American-made power.

The American Power Act Invests $5 Billion In Clean Energy And Reigns In Offshore Drilling Rules. According to the executive summary of the American Power Act, the bill would expand the clean energy manufacturing tax credit by $5 billion and forces offshore drilling rigs further offshore.  [Kerry, 5/12/10]


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