News Launches Massive $400,000 Radio Ad Blitz Urging Senators to Back Clean Energy

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PUBLISHED: October 13, 2009


Washington, DC - A heavy, $400,000 blitz of radio ads featuring veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan calling for an American Clean Energy policy has started to air in states across the nation.  The ads, sponsored by VoteVets Action Fund, will run in 15 states, calling on those states' Senators to back Clean Energy legislation now up in Congress.  Each ad will begin airing in conjunction with a bus tour underway of veterans making the case for a new Clean Energy policy as a National Security matter.  The script for the ad is below.

A sample ad can be found here.

The ads will air in Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maine.  Each of those states will be a stop on the bus tour of veterans, being organized by the national security coalition, Operation Free.

Each ad features a veteran from the state where the ad is running.  The ad script is as follows:

ANNCR:  There's a new generation of American patriots - young veterans who've fought for our country overseas.  Now, they're on a new mission? right here at home.  (Home State) veteran (Name).

Local Veteran:  Growing up in (Home State), nothing prepares you for the things you see over there. I saw firsthand how money we spend on oil is finding its way to the same terrorists we're fighting against.

ANNCR: He's right. That's why veterans are calling on members of Congress -- to pass clean energy legislation.

A clean energy bill will put America to work producing home-grown energy. Cut carbon pollution. Cut the flow of oil dollars that make their way? to those who would do America harm.

Local Veteran:  American power has always depended on American heroes.

(Senators Names), we're counting on you to stand up to Big Oil and the special interests. Be a hero, and pass the clean American energy bill.

ANNCR:  Call your senators now, at 202-224-3121. Because clean American energy means more American power.  A message from Operation Free, paid for by VoteVets Action Fund. is the leading progressive, pro-military organization of veterans, dedicated to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary. It primarily focuses on education and advocacy on issues of importance to the troops and veterans, and holding politicians accountable for their actions on these issues.


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