Sue Lowden Tried to Charge Fees For Burials of US Military Veterans

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PUBLISHED: June 03, 2010 Condemns Lowden's Legislation as Anti-Veteran & Out-of-Touch In Statewide Robocalls

NEVADA - In a new robocall going out to 118,000 households across Nevada, a veteran of the war in Iraq expresses disgust with former State Senator Sue Lowden's plan to tax the burials of men and women who  served in uniform.

In the calls, sponsored by Action Fund, Iraq war veteran Jennifer Kramer, from Las Vegas says:

"I served in Iraq, and I have news that really outraged me.  You may have heard of Sue Lowden. She SAYS she supports our service men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom.  BUT as a state senator, Sue Lowden tried to impose a burial tax on Nevada veterans and their families.  That's right, a BURIAL TAX on veterans who served our country. When the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars objected to her scheme, Sue Lowden said she didn't understand why her legislation was so controversial.  I can't think of anything more offensive to my fellow veterans than making us pay a tax on our burial. Remember Sue Lowden's burial tax on veterans next time she tells you she supports our veterans."

Indeed, as a state senator in 1995, Sue Lowden introduced a special burial tax for Nevada veterans. Senate Bill 162, which Lowden sponsored, veterans who had served their country, but not during a time of active conflict, would have been forced to pay a special tax of $100 to be buried in a veterans' cemetery. 


Just yesterday, Lowden told reporters that she still sees no problem with her proposal.

According to today's Congressional Quarterly:

"On a hastily arranged conference call with reporters Wednesday, Lowden defended her decision to propose a $100 fee on noncombat veterans seeking to be buried in military cemeteries when she chaired the state Senate Taxation Committee."

Yet, Lowden's out-of-touch legislation was opposed by both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.   Jim Martin, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, District III, and Member of the Nevada Veterans' Advisory Commission came out against Lowden's burial tax at the time, as did Donald L. Gustin, State Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, State of Nevada.

In fact, SB 162 was so controversial and unpopular that it was killed ("indefinitely postponed") in committee without going to the state-senate floor for a vote.

Sue Lowden's out-of-touch policies on veterans are consistent with her out-of-touch policies on other important issues facing Nevada and the nation.  Earlier this year, Lowden came out in favor of bartering "chickens for checkups" - a policy suggestion that was ridiculed across the United States, including on Jay Leno's late-night TV comedy show. is a pro-military organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, dedicated to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary.  It primarily focuses on education and advocacy on issues of importance to the troops and veterans, and holding politicians accountable for their actions on these issues.


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