PRESS RELEASE - Vets Fight Back Against Big Oil

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PUBLISHED: September 22, 2010

New Ad Directly Takes On Spot Funded By Big Oil Companies; 
Features Brother Of Fallen Soldier

WASHINGTON, DC - A new $100,000 national cable ad campaign launching today directly takes on an advertisement funded by oil companies, and calls on Americans to not believe Big Oil's lies.  The ad, from, features Dante Zappala, who lost his brother in Iraq.

The ad opens with a few seconds of an ad being run by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Zappala then appears and tells viewers, "My big brother went to Iraq to keep us safe.  He came home in a flag-draped coffin.  America lost another hero.  Big Oil wants to talk about costs?  Don't let Big Oil lie to you about what our dependence really costs."

The full ad script is available below.  Video of the ad can be found at:

The American Petroleum Institute has already spent $29,561,390 on television advertising in 2010 alone - a small chunk of the $126,468,772 in total that Big Oil and its allies have spent on television ads thus far this year. In addition, API has also spent a whopping $2.3 million on lobbying since April 2010.

The veterans of said that the group may expand the ad buy, and has about a million dollars in funds ready to do so.

"We're not going to let Big Oil get away with distorting the real issue here, just to protect their bottom line," said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of  "Breaking our addiction to oil is a matter of American security.  It's a matter of protecting our troops.  It's disgusting that oil companies would rather see our oil-rich enemies get stronger and continue to kill American men and women, than tell the truth.  We will not let that stand."

Dante Zappala is the brother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker, who was killed in Iraq April 26, 2004 in an explosion in Baghdad. Baker was the first member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard to die in combat since 1945. is a pro-military organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, dedicated to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary.  It primarily focuses on education and advocacy on issues of importance to the troops and veterans, and holding politicians accountable for their actions on these issues.

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VISUAL:  Open on a few seconds of Big Oil spot.  Cut to Dante to camera

DANTE ZAPPALA:   Big Oil and their backers are spending millions to scare us.

DANTE: Saying it costs too much to break our dependence on oil, while they make record profits.

VISUAL:  Cut to shot of American soldier in the desert

DANTE:  What they're really doing is putting our security at risk.

VISUAL:  Cut to picture of brother in uniform

DANTE:  My big brother went to Iraq to keep us safe.

DANTE: He came home in a flag-draped coffin.

Cut to Dante and his mother holding up folded flag.

DANTE: America lost another hero.

DANTE: Big Oil wants to talk about costs?

VISUAL:  Cut to Big Oil spot.  Cut to Dante to camera

DANTE: Don't let Big Oil lie to you about what our dependence really costs.

VISUAL:  Whole screen goes black. Fade in end card supers.

TEXT: Don't believe big oil's lies.  Learn more at

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