Braley joins veterans advocacy group to deliver more than 110,000 signatures to EPA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, last week joined to deliver over 110,000 signatures to the Environmental Protection Agency to protest the proposed changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard. Braley was joined by Jon Soltz, an Iraq War Veteran and chairman of in delivering the signatures.

Of the 112,812 signatures collected, over 35,000 were from veterans and military family members. More than 1,000 comments were from Iowans, including over 320 Iowa veterans and military family members.

"The 110,000 people that voiced their opinion on the critical importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard deserve to be heard," said Braley. "The RFS improves our economy and contributes to our energy independence—and the EPA needs to understand that Americans don't support their misguided attempt to alter a law that's working so well."

Jan. 28 was the final day of the public comment period in which the EPA solicited comments on a proposed rule change that would reduce the amount of biofuel blended into the automobile fuel market. Braley has encouraged Iowans to provide comments to his office or directly to the EPA. The EPA will now consider feedback from across the country before issuing a final ruling.

Braley has consistently fought the proposed EPA changes since they were first reported on in October. In November, Braleywrote a letterto President Obama expressing his anger and frustration with the proposed EPA changes. In December, he joined Governor Branstad totestify at an EPA hearingstressing the benefits ofthe current levels and the positive impact the RFS has on Iowa.

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