Director of “Remember The Titans,” “Max,” and Grammy Award Winning Member of The Roots Team Up With VoteVets to Produce Powerful Video

 With immigration a top issues in the 2016 campaign, “Honor Our Immigrant Veterans” details the history of immigrants in the military, leading to real life stories of immigrants who recently served


WASHINGTON, DC – A powerful new video is being released online today, directed by Boaz Yakin, director of “Remember the Titans,” with an original score by James Poyser, the Grammy Award winning member of The Roots.  It is being released by VoteVets, the largest progressive group of veterans in America and was produced in conjunction with Moore + Associates, which was responsible for viral hits “The Great Schlep” in 2008, and “Wake the F**k Up,” in 2012.


The video, “Honor Our Immigrant Veterans,” begins with audio of the smear of immigrants by Donald J. Trump, who said Mexico wasn’t sending “its best” to America.  The video then details the deep and rich history of immigrants serving in the US Military, since the Revolution itself, and through today, when hundreds of thousands of immigrants have worn the uniform, to defend America.







Quote from Samir Joseph Hamel, Iraq War Veteran featured in the video:


“Even though I wasn’t born here, I love this country, and put my life on the line to serve it in war, and swore to uphold the Constitution that I revere. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants like me – whether they’re from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, or elsewhere – all want to give back to this country that has been so kind to us.  Even many undocumented immigrants risk deportation just so they can serve, as a way to repay this nation.  So, to take a stand against immigration is to take a stand against all of us, and all we owe to past generations who gave so much to America, and, indeed, helped to create America itself.”


Quote from Boaz Yakin, Director of “Remember the Titans,” “Max,” and more:


"As a filmmaker, I’ve had the privilege to meet with and tell the stories of veterans. I have always been moved by the diversity of our armed forces, including many men and women who were born abroad. I produced this video to remind people about the history of military service among so many immigrants, who volunteer in disproportionate numbers despite efforts by some to label them as “unAmerican" and bar them from even entering a country built by immigrants."


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