In ad, veterans political group challenges Cuccinelli on climate change

 ·  Julian Walker, Virginia Pilot   ·   Link to Article

Ken Cuccinelli's climate change skepticism gets a military twist in a new radio ad critical of the Republican nominee for governor that's airing on Norfolk and Virginia Beach stations up to the Nov. 5 election.

In the spot from the left-of-center Vote Vets Action Fund, retired Army Brigadier General Steve Anderson alleges Cuccinelli's disbelief could endanger Virginia National Guardsmen deployed by the governor to respond to extreme weather emergencies.

"When bad storms hit, the governor often calls on the Virginia National Guard to save lives and protect property and businesses," states Anderson, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. "So, Virginia needs a governor developing policies that make extreme storms less likely, keeping Virginians and our Guardsmen out of harm’s way."

"But Cuccinelli doesn’t believe in the science of climate change," he adds in the minute-long add. "Cuccinelli avoids the clear facts – putting Virginia families at risk. Denying climate change isn’t fighting for Virginia. And it’s not fighting for you."

As attorney general, Cuccinelli made headlines for challenging Environmental Protection Agency greenhouse gas findings and unsuccessfully suing the University of Virginia for the climate change research records of a former professor.

Neither episode is referenced in the radio ad.

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