In First-of-Its-Kind Montana Program, Veteran and Military Families Fo Door-to-Door in Support of Tester

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MISSOULA, Mont. - For the first time in Montana, military veterans and military families are conducting their own canvas effort in the state, knocking on 44,000 voters' doors, and leaving literature that makes clear that Senator Jon Tester has the backs of Montana veterans, while his challenger, Congressman Denny Rehberg doesn't. Action Fund, a national veterans organization, is conducting the effort, which will cost $250,000.

The literature that veterans are leaving with voters can be viewed here:

As veterans meet with voters, they will be making a clear argument.  As Senator, Jon Tester has fought for expansion and construction of veterans' centers around the state, written landmark legislation to help rural veterans receive better care, and secured funds for Malmstrom Air Force Base.  Meanwhile, Congressman Rehberg voted twice against adding additional funds to the Congressional Budget for prosthetics research that could help veterans, voted against billions in additional funding for veterans care, and didn't vote to stop mandatory cuts to veterans - all while voting himself a pay raise five times.

"Veterans are fired up around Montana, and we've gotten a great response from them," said Jim Kearns, an Iraq War veteran from Helena.  "So many of them feel it's important that the people of Montana know what's at stake in this election.  They don't want to see a good friend of veterans, like Senator Tester, replaced with a Congressman whose record is one of voting with his party over the interests of veterans.  Montana veterans have depended on Senator Tester, and he's always delivered for them."


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