New Hampshire Iraq Veteran Warns Top GOP Candidates Would Be Disaster for Military, Security, Veterans

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Hanover, NH - An Iraq War veteran is speaking out today, warning Granite State Republicans are about to vote to nominate a candidate who would set the military, security, and veterans community back.

Andrew R. Vera, an Iraq Veteran who served in the US Navy from 2003-06, said, "Either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum would be a catastrophe for veterans, the military, and security.  Neither of them has demonstrated that they understand today's military or the needs of today's veterans.  In fact, most of what they propose would be an unmitigated disaster."

On Romney, Vera said, "Mitt Romney openly wondered a month ago about sending veterans to fend for themselves in the private health care system - setting forth the destruction of guaranteed Veterans Affairs health care.  It was astonishing.  Instead of thinking about how to strengthen the system, he wondered if we should just start to dismantle it.  If he had been President last year, we would also still be in Iraq, against the wishes of Iraqis.  As an Iraq vet, I can tell you that would have led to a new push by an insurgency, with US casualties mounting."

Of Santorum, Vera noted, "Besides also advocating cuts to programs that help veterans, and saying he'd have stayed in Iraq, Rick Santorum says he would start bombing Iran right now.  That should say it all.  Bombing Iran would lead to regional conflagration.  Iraq would be caught in the crosshairs - having to choose to side with the US, or their fellow Shiites in Iran.  At the very least, Iran's proxy armies like Muqtada al-Sadr's forces, and Hezbollah, would ramp up attacks against western targets, and very possibly Israel.  It would be a mess, and the US would be dragged back into the region for a very costly war, in terms of money and American lives.  I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Rick Santorum seriously say he'd bomb Iran right now, as a first course of action, not a last resort."

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