Politco Morning Score on Our New Ad

 ·  James Hohmann, Politico   ·   Link to Article

ARIZONA - OUTSIDE GROUPS TARGET FLAKE ON VETERANS: VoteVets.org Political Action Fund and Majority PAC will spend $280,000 for one week of TV to drive up Flake's negatives in a race Democrats believe is tightening. "I proudly served our country for two tours in Iraq," Steven Lopez of Chandler says in the ad. "Congressman Jeff Flake voted to send us to that war, and then voted against us when we return home.  Flake voted to cut veterans benefits by billions.  He was one of only 12 in Congress to vote against the GI bill, which is putting veterans like me through school.  And Flake was one of only three to vote against job training for returning troops.  Jeff Flake doesn't deserve my vote or my respect." Democrat Richard Carmona is already on the air attacking on similar issues, and senior senator John McCain has defended Flake. Watch: http://goo.gl/fPQfh

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