PRESS RELEASE: 4700 Americans, Including 1700 Veterans Call on Obama to Bring Troops Home From Iraq

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Washington, DC -Iraq War Veteran and Interim Chairman of the largest progressive group of veterans,, Ashwin Madia was joined by 4700 Americans, including 1700 veterans, in calling on President Obama to abide by the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq, and remove troops from the country by year's end.  With that deadline quickly approaching, many observers expect Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to ask US Forces to remain in Iraq.  Madia and those who co-signed his letter made clear that is not an option.

The group cited rising American casualties in Iraq, as evidence of the need for US Troops to come home, as planned.  Their letter reads:

Dear President Obama, 

Over the course of twelve days (6 June - 18 June), nine American service members were killed in action in Iraq - a significant increase in American deaths for that short of a period. In comparison, two Americans were lost in combat in Iraq in all of May. 

As we approach the date of our withdrawal, as stated in our Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the government of Iraq, most observers believe that Prime Minister Maliki will request an extension of a United States presence in his country. The recent increase in violence against Americans underscores the absolute importance of abiding by SOFA, and leaving Iraq completely by the end of the year. 

What has become abundantly clear is that as long as Americans are in Iraq, they will be a target. Should we stay in Iraq past our deadline, there is no reason to believe that violent attacks won't further increase, leading to more American deaths. The United States will then be forced to either endure the attacks or send in more troops to protect our forces. 

There is simply no outcome from staying past the SOFA deadline that is acceptable or desirable. Therefore, we call upon you to abide by that deadline, and affirm to Prime Minister Maliki that United States troops will be completely out of the country by year's end. 

America and our troops have given many years, shed a lot of blood, and lost many lives in Iraq. There is no more we can possibly do for Iraq or its people, militarily. The time has long passed for Iraq to stand on its own two feet, and chart its own future and promote its own security. It is time for us to leave. 

Ashwin Madia 
Iraq War Veteran 
Interim Chairman, 

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