PRESS RELEASE: Vets Call on New Hampshire Republican Chair to Apologize to Troops and Families For Saying Obama Election Will Mean They Died in Vain

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Washington, DC - The largest progressive group of veterans in America,, today called on the Chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party to apologize to troops and military families for saying re-electing President Obama will mean those who died in war will have died "completely in vain."

Caught on video, Chairman Jack Kimball said this week, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm looking at what has happened. All that we treasure lost: people, the loss of life, people who are psychologically and physiologically damaged for life, the sacrifices of the families that supported then. All of this.  And I wonder what we did. Look at who we put in the White House. You think about that and we realize the profound responsibility that we have this time. In my view, if we reelect this man, all that all of the people fought and died for is completely in vain."

Video of his comments can be found here:

In response, Iraq War Veteran and Interim Chairman of, Ashwin Madia said, "Jack Kimball owes our troops and their families a deep apology.  He has attempted to trivialize their sacrifices in order to launch a partisan attack on their commander in chief.  Those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the military did so in service to America, fighting for our values -  the most important of which is our democratic system of government, where people freely choose our leaders.  Kimball's statement displays a deep ignorance of our military and contempt for our system of government - he should immediately apologize."

Founded in 2006,  and backed by over 100,000 members, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans' interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world - with force when necessary - to protect America.  While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive organization of veterans in America.



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