Retired Major General Paul D. Eaton, who lost his father in Vietnam, on Trump decision to engage in politics on Memorial day

Washington, DC - According to reports, Donald Trump will use Memorial Day -- the day America honors its fallen --  to hold a political event, to finally explain what happened to the money he claimed to have raised for veterans, at another political event, in January.  A Washington Post investigation found that Mr. Trump did not raise the money he promised, nor had he even given the $1 million donation he promised. 

Major General (Ret.) Paul D. Eaton, a former commander in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, is also a Gold Star Family member, having lost his own father in Vietnam. He is also a Senior Advisor to 

He released the following statement, on Trump's decision to use Memorial Day for politics:

"Memorial Day is the most solemn day that veterans and military families have during the year.  We remember those who gave their lives in service to this country. It is a day when many families still grieve deeply for their loved ones who did not come home.  It is a day when I remember my father, who was classified as Missing in Action, in Vietnam, for a great number of years until his remains were found and returned to my family.   

"There are 364 other days of the year that Mr. Trump could have used for this political event, and hid behind veterans' causes for public relations purposes.   Anyone with the slightest sensitivity to what families of the fallen feel on Memorial Day, and to what this day means, would never hijack it from them, for politics.

"But, from comparing his sexual exploits of the 1980s to those who served in Vietnam, to saying that his time at a military-themed private school was like serving in the military itself, to saying he doesn't like people who were captured in war, and to trying to kick disabled veterans making a living as street vendors out from in front of Trump Tower, Mr. Trump has shown himself to be devoid of all sensitivity towards those who fought, sacrificed, and died in service to America." 

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