Statement of retired General Wesley K. Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander on Donald J. Trump's remarks about U.S. involvement with NATO

Little Rock, AR - Retired General Wesley K. Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, released the following statement in response to Donald Trump's comments that the United States, under his presidency, would only consider - not guarantee - defending a NATO ally against Russian aggression.  General Clark is chairman of the advisory board to the veterans group,  General Clark said:

"Mr. Trump's statement on NATO shows a misunderstanding of how NATO works, and more fundamentally, undercuts NATO's deterrent in Europe. 

Every American Administration has sought to encourage our allies to spend more for their defense. And today, thanks to Mr. Putin's seizure of Crimea, aggression in Ukraine, and military assertiveness worldwide, and US leadership, NATO nations have agreed to strengthen their forces in Eastern Europe. They are doing so.  No need to wait for someone to be attacked - you can see their renewed efforts right now. 

But, more fundamentally, NATO's ability to maintain peace and stability in Europe rests on ‎the unconditional pledge enshrined in Article V of the NATO treaty: that an attack on one is an attack on all. We,  the U.S., created NATO. It is in our interest. We learned from World War II, that hestitation, doubt, and equivocation in the face of threats invites aggression; firmness secures peace.  

So, when Mr. Trump says, he'll only consider action, he is joining a long list of failed statesmen and leaders from decades ago, whose ‎hesitancy, wavering, and lack of resolve - for whatever reason - in the face of adversity paved the path  to disastrous war. 

Mr. Trump may know something about buildings and real estate - but he has a lot to learn about how the world really works."



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