Veterans Call on Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling Immediately, Not Cut Funds for Veterans and Troops

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Washington, DC - As Congress still fails to pass a raise in the debt ceiling, a group of veterans is today speaking out, calling on the House GOP Caucus to pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling that can pass the United States Senate and go to the President.

Vice Chairman of, Afghanistan Veteran Richard Smith said:

"Our nation's troops and veterans are under enough stress - the last thing they need is to worry whether the government can cut their paychecks or pay their benefits.  Yet, the continuing inability of the House GOP Caucus to develop a plan to raise the debt ceiling that can pass the Senate is doing just that.  No one knows how a failure to raise the debt limit will affect the myriad of programs for our troops and veterans, but we do know the impact could be significant.  That is unfairly putting added stress on troops, veterans, and military families, as they must plan for possibly substantial financial harm, because of a failure to act in Washington.

"The House must pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling that can pass the Senate, and which protects veterans and troops from drastic budget cuts.  In the midst of two wars and operations in Libya, now is not the time to balance the budget on the backs of troops and veterans.  And now is not the time to fail to raise the debt ceiling, putting our troops and veterans at financial risk."

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