Veterans Endorse Iraq Veteran Patrick Murphy for PA Attorney General

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Washington - The largest group of progressive veterans in America, PAC, today is lending its support to former Rep. Patrick Murphy, as he enters the race for Attorney General in Pennsylvania.  The group had endorsed Murphy in both his campaigns for Congress.

Ashwin Madia, an Iraq War Veteran and Interim Chairman of said, "Patrick was a true leader when he was in Congress - insightful, decisive, an unafraid of tackling the tough issues.  Those are the same qualities any state needs in an attorney general, and I know he will serve Pennsylvania as honorably as he served America in Iraq."

The group's endorsement will come with a an appeal to its over 100,000 members to make a direct donation to the Murphy campaign.  Additionally, as the group has done in the past for other candidates, it will weigh in on any unfair attacks on Patrick Murphy's service.

"Too often, other candidates feel that attacking or degrading someone's service in uniform is a legitimate campaign tactic.  It's not," said Madia.  "Candidates should debate the issues bluntly and honestly.  But, if anyone has any ideas of any ‘swiftboating' in this race, they are warned that the veterans of the commonwealth and the nation will not stand for it."

Patrick Murphy went on active duty with the US Army in 2000, teaching Constitutional Law at West Point.  A graduate of the US Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Murphy volunteered for deployment after 9/11, serving as a JAG Corps attorney.  After service in Iraq, and after he left Congress, Murphy served as a private attorney in Bucks County, PA.

In Congress, Murphy saw a number of his bills become law, including the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act, which sets stronger standards for government payments to individuals, organizations, and contractors.  Estimates predicted the law, written by Murphy, would save the United States $50 billion by 2012.

Founded in 2006, the mission of Political Action Committee is to elect Veterans to public office, with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America's 21st century troops and veterans. Though PAC is non-partisan, candidates it backs must support's core mission and beliefs.


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