Veterans Reiterate Call for Romney to Release Full Taxes

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WASHINGTON, DC - Not satisfied with Mitt Romney's lack of complete disclosure on his taxes, the veterans of, the largest progressive veterans organization in America, are reiterating their call for him to release his full tax records.  This week, 7000 Americans, including thousands of veterans and military families, signed a petition to Romney, calling on him to do just that.

"Why won't Mitt Romney release all of his taxes?  What's he hiding?" said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and  Chairman of  "Seven thousand Americans, including thousands of veterans and military families have signed our petition asking him to do one simple thing - show us how much or how little you contributed to America, at a time when our troops went to war and paid a higher tax rate than you when they came home.  Will he cut veterans benefits to pay to lower his taxes even more? Given Mitt Romney would like to lower taxes for him and other multi-millionaires like him, it's a fair question."

Soltz added, "Particularly disturbing are all of these off-shore accounts.  While it seems that he and his accountant decided to pay taxes on those in 2010, what about the years before this campaign?  While men and women were putting their lives on the line on the battlefield, and military members and retirees were paying a higher tax rate, was Mitt Romney trying to weasel his way out of paying taxes that care for those troops when they are in the field and come home?"

Founded in 2006,  and backed by over 100,000 members, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans' interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world - with force when necessary - to protect America.  While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive organization of veterans in America.


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