Veterans Warn Congressional Supercommittee Not To Cut Veterans' Programs For Debt Reduction

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WASHINGTON DC - Two national veterans' organizations are warning the Congressional Debt Supercommittee to leave veterans' programs alone, in light of a letter to the committee from the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Committees in the House and Senate which details past proposed cuts to veterans, and how much they would save the government. 

That letter has stoked a round of news stories regarding potential cuts to the GI Bill and other programs.  While the letter from the VA Committees didn't actually recommend the cuts, and the letter was mandated to be submitted to the Supercommittee along with letters from every other committee Chair and Ranking Member, veterans still feel the need to make their voices clear.

In a statement, Ashwin Madia, Iraq War Veteran and Interim Chair of, and Patrick Bellon, Iraq War Veteran and Executive Director of Veterans for Common Sense said:

"While we understand that the letter sent by the Chairs of the VA Committees to the Supercomittee doesn't constitute an actual list of endorsed cuts to veterans' programs, we nonetheless feel the need to reiterate that cutting the debt on the backs of veterans will not be tolerated.  The list of past proposed cuts in the letter is offensive to veterans, and goes back on the commitment to them made by America.  We call on the Supercommittee to keep its word, and the word of President Obama, to protect veterans from this budget slashing process, and reject any cuts to veterans, outright. America's veterans have sacrificed enough for America.  When it comes to cutting back programs and increasing revenue streams, it's time to ask those who can most afford it to share in the sacrifice that veterans have already made.    We are ready to take action if the Supercommittee begins to debate any cuts to veterans.  We'll be watching."

The letter from the VA Committees to the Supercommittee can be found here:


Just one of the news stories to come out after its release can be found here:


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