VoteVets Action Fund announcing nearly $800,000 in television spots in three key races

Arkansas, Michigan, and Hawaii will see VoteVets advertising for the next week 

Washington, DC – VoteVets Action Fund, the national veterans organization with over 400,000 supporters nationwide, is announcing three television ad buys, totaling nearly $800,000 in Arkansas, Michigan, and Hawaii races.  Details are below. 

ARKANSAS, $300,000 Ad Buy 

View the ad here: 

In Arkansas, VoteVets Action Fund is taking Tom Cotton to task, for turning his back on his fellow veterans. 

In the ad, John Simmons, a Vietnam Veteran from Little Rock says, “You might have heard Tom Cotton voted against seniors and farmers in Washington, DC.  But it’s also important that you know he voted against veterans.  Veterans, like me.” 

Simmons goes on to explain that Cotton voted for a budget that included a tactic known as the “Chained CPI,” which would reduce future pension and disability payments made to veterans, by tying their growth to the Chained Consumer Price Index.  (H Con Res 96, 4/10/14) 

“Ten major veterans groups opposed it,” Simmons says.  “But Tom Cotton voted for it anyway!  Do I respect Tom Cotton’s military service?  I sure do. Trust him enough to send him to the Senate?  Not a chance.” 

Indeed, ten major veterans groups have long been staunchly opposed to the “chained CPI” that Cotton voted for.  Those groups are:  the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Vietnam Veterans of America, AMVETS, American GI Forum, Blinded Veterans Association, National Military Family Association, Paralyzed Veterans of America, VetsFirst, and  

MICHIGAN, $270,000 Ad Buy 

View the ad here: 

In Michigan, VoteVets Action Fund is running a positive spot, highlighting the work of Gary Peters, who is running for Senate. 

In the ad, Alan Opra, a Vietnam Veteran from Macomb voices over various video clips of Gary Peters, saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by their actions.  A navy reservist and successful businessman, Gary Peters re-enlisted after 9/11. In Washington, while other politicians just yelled and hogged the cameras, Gary Peters just went to work, as always; Improving veterans’ healthcare for men and women, and job training for returning vets.” 

Opra then closes by saying, “Gary Peters, thanks for having the backs of Michigan veterans like me. On November 4th, we’ll have yours.”  

HAWAII, $180,000 Ad Buy 

View the ad here:

In Hawaii, VoteVets Action Fund is running an ad highlighting the new leadership being offered by Mark Takai, who is running for Congress. 

Over footage of Mark Takai with his family, in the military, and at work for Hawaii, an announcer says, “New Leadership for Hawaii.  Mark Takai.  Mark has served Hawaii both overseas and at home.  Mark Takai has fought to give our veterans the care they deserve.  And Takai brought millions of dollars of education funds to Hawaii, and will fight to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work.  On November 4th, we can send Mark Takai to Congress, and show Washington DC that Hawaii knows what service is all about. 

VoteVets previously spent $175,000 in television advertising during the primary, in which Takai scored a huge come-from-behind win. 

Founded in 2006,  and backed by over 400,000 supporters, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans' interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world - with force when necessary - to protect America.  While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive organization of veterans in America.




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