VoteVets Calls for WomenVOTE Project Ad Attacking Joe Sestak To Be Taken Off Air

Harrisburg, PA – The veterans group VoteVets Political Action Committee is today calling on all stations in Pennsylvania to reject a television ad falsely smearing Joe Sestak, on positions he’s never taken – and even a vote that occurred after he left Congress. 

“This is a shameful, low, and slimy way to attack the person who will very likely be the Democratic nominee for Senate,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of  “It is swiftboating him, pure and simple.  Further, the ad is just flat out untrue, and attacks like these have been found to be untrue by others.  This ad should be removed from the airwaves immediately.  What a sad way for Katie McGinty’s allies to end this primary campaign.” 

The ad says Sestak supported a plan that would raise the retirement age, pointing to an article in the fact-checking website, PolitiFact on August 19, 2014.  However, that article centered around a vote occurring in 2012 – two years after Sestak left Congress.  And, as to the claims that the bill in question would raise the retirement age, PolitiFact said it was murky – not true.

As to claims that Sestak supported any previous proposals to raise the retirement age, WTAE Pittsburgh debunked that claim made by Sestak’s challenger, Katie McGinty, during the last Democratic debate.  WTAE noted that Sestak never stated support for the idea, nor did he ever support cuts to Social Security. In fact, WTAE noted, he voted 41 times to expand and increase Social Security.  That fact check can be found here: 

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