VoteVets Cheers Representative Gabbard’s Leadership in Passing the “Hire More Heroes Act”

Washington, DC – Just after the new Congress was sworn in, the House unanimously passed the “Hire More Heroes Act,” a bi-partisan bill, which was championed by Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the lead Democrat on the legislation.  VoteVets cheered passage of the bill, and the Congressmember’s hard work promoting it. 

“Just hours into the new Congress, Tulsi showed exactly why we feel she’s a leader among the new generation of veterans, and one of the best members of Congress,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of  “We appreciate all of her hard work and support for America’s veterans.” 

According to an official summary of the bill, the legislation would exempt veterans or members of the military who receive their health coverage through the Department of Defense or Department of Veterans Affairs from counting towards the 50 employee limit under the Affordable Care Act.  In this way, it gives small businesses an incentive to hire more veterans, and not have to worry about the impact of the hires on the business, under the ACA. 

The bill passed by unanimous vote, last week. 

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