charges Sullivan disqualified himself from holding Senate seat

Juneau, AK –, the national veterans organization with over 400,000 supporters, today said that Dan Sullivan disqualified himself from holding Alaska’s Senate seat, at Thursday night’s debate. 

At the debate, when asked if he supported advance funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which would protect veterans benefits from stalled budgets and government shutdowns, Sullivan refused to provide an answer.  A 2009 law partially funds the VA a year in advance, protecting many services in the case of a government shutdown, but many services and benefits – including disability compensation, insurance, home loan guaranty and GI education support – are not protected by advance funding. 

“The answer Sullivan should have given, when asked if he would support advance funding for the VA should have been a simple and firm yes,” said Rick Hegdahl, veterans outreach coordinator for  “That he didn’t means one of two things – either Dan Sullivan doesn’t understand very basic Federal budgeting, or worse, he doesn’t support legislation that would help his fellow veterans and it too scared to tell Alaskans that.  Either way, that disqualifies him from holding a Senate seat.” 

Sullivan refused to say whether he supported advanced funding, when asked directly by Senator Begich, during their Thursday debate.  Senator Begich was forced to explain advanced funding of the Veterans Affairs budget to Sullivan, though it wasn’t clear as to whether Sullivan didn’t understand the concept, or didn’t want to admit he was opposed to it. 

Major veterans groups support advance funding of the VA, and have been vocal about the need to pass it through Congress. 

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