Condemns Romney Response to Embassy Violence As Amateurish Political Attack

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WASHINGTON, DC - The largest progressive veterans group in America, with over 220,000 supporters, is criticizing Mitt Romney's response to the attacks against American Embassies in Egypt and Libya.  Governor Romney chose the moment to falsely attack President Obama, instead of seizing the moment to show he was ready to stand on the world stage.

Ashwin Madia, Iraq War Veteran and Senior Advisor for said:

"Mitt Romney's political attack against President Obama in the wake of the horrific murders of American diplomats not only shows he is far too amateurish to lead on the world stage, but also shows a drastic lack of resolve to confront even the most fringe elements of the extreme right.  General David Petraeus warned us in 2010 that provocative anti-Muslim acts like the planned Koran burning in Florida would put the lives of American troops and diplomats in extreme danger, while making our mission in Afghanistan more difficult, and he has sadly been proven right on a number of occasions.  Someone needs to pass this wisdom on to Mitt Romney, and remind him that hate is not an American value.

This was an opportunity for Mitt Romney to stand up and send a bipartisan message to the Muslim world that we are not at war with their religion, to help quell violence and protect American service members at war right now.  But he flubbed it - instead choosing to engage in domestic politics.  He has now added fuel to the fire in a very volatile situation in the Middle East.  America can't afford any more of Mitt Romney's mistakes on the world stage."

As referenced above, General David Petraeus, in 2010, strongly warned of consquences that would endanger American lives, when there was a planned Koran burning by a Florida church.  General Petraeus' full comments can be found here:


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