Goes Back On The Air In Missouri and Montana with $200,000

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Reinforces ad with Facebook buy; 
brings total spending in those states to $500,000

Washington, DC - VoteVets Action Fund, the largest progressive group of veterans in America, is going back up on the air in Missouri and Montana with $200,000 in television ads ($100k in each state), bringing the group's total spending on ads in those states to $500,000.


The Missouri ad, which first aired in March, will be running in the Springfield market with 800 GRP, and will be backed up by ad buys on Facebook.  It opens with a powerful shot of an Improvised Explosive Device detonating in Iraq.  The veterans then go on to say, "That's what we were up against in Iraq. And it hasn't been easy since we've been home either. Claire McCaskill gets that. She knows it's un-American to turn our backs on those who served." 

They then go on to detail Senator McCaskill's record on veterans and conclude, "Claire McCaskill's got our back. And Senator, we've got yours."

The ad features Jackie Rodgers, Jr, a Paris, MO Army veteran who deployed to Iraq in 2007.  Rogers did his undergrad work at the University of Missouri, and will be using the 21st Century GI Bill - championed by Senator McCaskill - to attend law school.  He also uses the Truman Medical Center, a Veterans Affairs Hospital, for his primary care.  McCaskill fought against those who would cut funds for VA hospitals, like Truman.  It also features Colin Clark, a Waynesville, MO Army veteran who deployed to Iraq in 2009.  Clark plans on using the 21st Century GI Bill to finish up his undergrad studies.

The ad can be viewed here:


The Montana ad, which first ran in June, will be running in the Billings, Butte, and Missoula markets (500 GRP in each market).  It features Jim Kearns, an Iraq War Veteran from Helena.  In the ad, he says, "I served in Iraq and came home safely.  Over 1600 who left limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't so lucky. But Congressman Rehberg voted against additional critical funding for prosthetic research.  Millionaire Rehberg voted to give himself a pay raise.   Five times. Then voted against helping wounded vets.  And now Congressman Rehberg wants us to call him Senator?   No way."

Indeed, from 2003 through last year, Rehberg continually voted to allow himself a pay raise in Congress, even while his net worth has been estimated to be well over $10 million - putting him in the top 25 richest Members of Congress, according to Roll Call.

Rehberg, in May of this year, voted against a motion to recommit a Veterans Affairs Department appropriation bill that would have increased funding for prosthetic research and development by $28 million. According to a press release from the measure's sponsor, Congressman John Barrow, "Under the amendment, $56 million in surplus funds would be removed from the BRAC closure account. Half of that amount, $28 million, would be added to funding for medical and prosthetic research. The remaining $28 million would go towards deficit reduction."

The ad can be viewed here:

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