Tells State Rep Candidate to Back Off Criticism of Military Service

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PHOENIX, ARIZ. - The national veterans group,, representing over 220,000, is today telling Arizona House of Representatives candidate Mike Snitz to immediately stop insulting those who have chosen to serve America in the military, as he has with his opponent, Jonathan Larkin, who served in Iraq.

"Mike Snitz should be ashamed of himself," said Ruben Gallego, Arizona State Chair for, and himself State Representative and Iraq War Veteran.  "It is offensive that a twice decorated Marine like Jonathan Larkin is having his Iraq war service attacked by a former advertising executive, who never served anyone other than himself.  Further, when Mike Snitz attacks the honorable service of someone like Jonathan Larkin, he attacks every single man and woman who served America in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He doesn't just owe an apology to Jonathan Larkin, he owes an apology to all of us who served."

Last Thursday, in the Yellowsheet from Arizona Capitol Report, Snitz said derided Larkin as a "20-something" and said serving in war as a Marine didn't give one enough "life experience."

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