WASHINGTON DC – The largest group of progressive veterans in America expressed dismay at the naming of Mike Flynn to be National Security Advisor in a Trump administration.  


Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chairman of, released the following statement:


“The appointment of Mike Flynn to National Security Advisor is yet another clear indication of the outsized influence of Steve Bannon on the direction of this administration, and Donald Trump’s intention to continue to empower dangerous conspiracy theorists and racists, to reshape America as they see fit.


Mike Flynn said that it is “rational” to fear all Muslims, and called the religion a “cancer.”  He retweeted an anti-Semitic tweet from a white supremacist, without explaining why he was following the notable racist account in the first place.  He has eagerly promoted and endorsed the work of white supremacist Mike Cernovich, who has openly advocated for an IQ test for all immigrants, and stated that it is legitimate debate as to whether certain races have lower IQs.  Mike Flynn’s son and Chief of Staff openly and frequently retweets racist messages and bizarre conspiracy theories.


If that was not enough, Mike Flynn has a deep affinity for Russia and has been paid by the Russian government, and now we have discovered that he was receiving security briefings, with Donald Trump, while actively representing foreign interests, including an ally of Turkey’s authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Mike Flynn’s time leading the Defense Intelligence Agency was a disaster, leading to his dismissal.  Complaints about toxic command structure, and his erractic, unhinged leadership poisoned the agency and put lives at risk.  


Combined, this appointment should send shivers down the spines of all Americans.  Mike Flynn’s bigotry towards those we need to be building alliances with, his desire to build alliances with those opposed to our national security interests, and his disastrously dangerous lack of leadership capabilities puts American lives at severe risk.  On January 20, all American lives will be at greater risk, because Mike Flynn will be National Security Advisor.


Though he does not need to face Senate confirmation, we call on all Members of Congress to demand that this appointment be rescinded.”




Mike Flynn said it is "rational" to fear Muslims:


Mike Flynn said Islam is a "cancer":


Mike Flynn retweeted a white supremacist's anti-Semitic tweet and never explained why he followed the account:


Mike Flynn promotes the work of Mike Cernovich:


Mike Flynn's son, and Chief of Staff, often shares racist messages and conspiracy theories:


Mike Cernovich has called for an IQ test for all immigrants and said it is legitimate debate as to whether certain races do not have high IQ's:


Mike Flynn’s Russian ties, and paid speech in celebration of Russia Today:


Mike Flynn received intel briefings while repping foreign clients, including an ally of Erdogan:


Mike Flynn was dismissed as head of DIA for toxic leadership style:




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