WASHINGTON - Retired Major General Paul Eaton, senior adviser to, released the following statement opposing the confirmation of Rex Tillerson, as hearings begin today on his nomination to be Secretary of State:
“Putting the State Department under the control of Rex Tillerson would be dangerous to American security and alliances.  
At a time when Russia is taking an aggressive stance, recently moving missiles to the doorstep of Eastern Europe, we are now telling our allies we very well may favor Russia over them.  Meanwhile, the Russian-backed Iranian regime should take solace, seeing the Russophiles now in charge of American foreign policy.  
Given new reports from last night that further previous reporting that tied members of the Trump campaign to the Kremlin, and charges that the campaign and Trump received Russian aid, the idea that Rex Tillerson may be a return payment to Vladimir Putin is a chilling prospect.
Additionally, the lives of our troops depend on getting off oil completely. Given that Tillerson presided over an oil company that covered up its contribution to Climate Change, one must wonder how dedicated he will be to that goal. We continue to gauge much of our strategic interests and deployments around the world based on oil production and oil routes. Fuel convoys for our troops are and will continue to be a prime terrorist target.  Our oil demand keeps prices up on the world market, allowing hostile regimes to benefit.  Programs like the Renewable Fuel Standard, along with investment in other renewables, are key to protecting our troops and making America safer.  Appointing ExxonMobile's CEO the Secretary of State makes clear our foreign policy will place oil above the safety of the men and women of our Armed Forces.  
The Senate must kill this nomination swiftly, and demand a serious, and unconflicted candidate be put forth."
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