Damon Martinez for Congress

Damon Martinez for Congress

U.S. House – New Mexico 1

According to his biography, after the deadly terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Damon Martinez volunteered to join the military and serve his country. Witnessing such tragedy, Damon wanted to do what he could to protect Americans and promote our values both at home and around the world. 

In 2012, LTC Martinez was deployed to Sinai, Egypt, as part of the 1st Battalion of the 200th Infantry Regiment of the New Mexico National Guard in support of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.  He served as the U.S. Battalion Judge Advocate during the Multinational Force and Observers 56 Mission. In 2008, he was mobilized to the Washington D.C. area where he worked on a special project that became the U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command. Intermediate Level Education I-250-ILE (CC) was completed on 5 Dec 2012; 2010 JAOAC Course was completed on 15 Jan 2010; and the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course was completed on 23 Oct 2003.

On November 21, 2013, President Obama nominated Martinez to become the 45th U.S. Attorney for the District of New Mexico. Martinez’ nomination was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate on May 21, 2014, and he was sworn in on May 27, 2014. He was forced to resign by President Trump on March 10. 2017.

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