Rachel Reddick for Congress

Rachel Reddick for Congress

U.S. House – Pennsylvania 1

Rachel was inspired by her family to serve her community and her country. She graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia and returned home to work as a legal advocate for survivors of domestic abuse with A Woman’s Place, the Bucks County Domestic Violence Agency. After aiding survivors through the judicial system Rachel understood the transformative power of the law in people’s lives and decided to pursue a law degree at Rutgers Law School. While in law school, Rachel followed in her father and grandfather’s footsteps and joined the U.S. Navy as a Judge Advocate General (JAG).

Rachel served on active duty for six years as a military prosecutor, advisor to military commanders, and representative for service members. In 2012, she was appointed as a Special United States Attorney and prosecuted for the Navy in federal court. In 2013, Rachel deployed on an amphibious warship in the Pacific, the same seas her Grandfather served in during WWII.

Rachel met her husband Nick, a Federal prosecutor, while they both served in the Navy. Rachel and Nick are raising their son Sawyer in Bucks County just a few miles from where Rachel grew up. Rachel continues to serve as an officer in the Naval reserves.

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