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IF DONALD TRUMP loves one thing in this world, it's Donald Trump. If he loves two things, a close second-place goes to his Twitter feed. Unfortunately, in addition to Trump's loyal armies of patriots and trolls, Twitter also hosts both liberals and members of the lying liberal media—people who do not show President Trump the respect he deserves. And for that, they must be blocked.

Now, Trump has never shied away from hitting the block button; before he assumed the presidency, Trump appears to have blocked users with frequency and vigor. His new office, though, heightens the stakes considerably. It's not just petty for a sitting president to block his constituency; it also has troubling First Amendment implications.

Trump has recently trained his sights on higher-profile targets, too. On the morning of June 13, Trump blocked the account for VoteVets.org, a group representing over 500,000 veterans, family members, and civilian supporters. Not long after, Trump also blocked Simpsons extra and occasional novelist Stephen King.

To help document this momentous time with our single-most mad-online president yet, we'll keep a running list of some of President Trump's more notable blockages. Twitter doesn't let you see who blocks whom (it would kind of defeat the purpose), so we've based the below on self-reporting. Trump has also blocked too many people at this point for us to make a totally comprehensive list, which is definitely normal president-type behavior, so consider this more of a regularly updated highlight reel.

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