Former Senator Bob Kerrey Pens Letter To Trump on Executive Orders, Russia, and More

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, former Senator Bob Kerrey, a senior adviser to VoteVets, is sending a letter to Donald Trump on his Executive Orders, Russia, and more.  Kerrey is a Vietnam Veteran, and a Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipient.  Senator Kerrey was the Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, and also served on the 9/11 Commission.


His letter is below.


January 30, 2017


President Donald J. Trump

The White House

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,


Sir, your January 27 executive order to suspend issuing visas to refugees from Syria indefinitely and to refugees from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan for 120 days does not "Make America Great Again". Just the opposite. Only when we are brave enough to act on our highest values are we great, Mr. President.


You seem to measure greatness by gross domestic product, the size of our military, or doing deals. You could not be more wrong. Dangerously wrong in my strongly held view.


Your collaboration with Vladimir Putin is not good news. It is a dangerous move away from our values. His values are repression, absolute power, and control, the very things that our founders risked everything to oppose.


By your measurement, Mr. President, we were not a great nation when we were led by Presidents George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. In the case of the former our economy and military were weak and could not compare with those of the great powers of the day. In the case of the latter our Republic almost did not survive. In light of your January 27 executive order and collaboration with Russian President Vladimir Putin I suspect if you had faced the same set of circumstances as Lincoln did after his inauguration, you would cut a deal with President Jefferson Davis.


You have agreed to make Vladimir Putin an ally in the fight against ISIS. Has it occurred to you that the men who are on the ground fighting against ISIS are Muslims and would be banned from entering the United States under the terms of your Executive Order. Coupled with your statement that we should consider seizing Iraqi oil (something I am certain Vladimir Putin would embrace fully) your words and actions must be a bitter reminder to these Iraqi freedom fighters they would be wise not to fully trust our purpose.


Mr. President, the Iraqi people are fighting for freedom and they have more at risk than we do. Much more. I do not expect the President of Russia to understand this. I do expect it of the President of United States.


Your executive order does not make me feel like I am living in a great country which I know I am. You have diminished us; shrunk us to a pale imitation of the real thing.


I urge you to reverse yourself as quickly and as humbly as possible.




Bob Kerrey



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