In Light Of Trump Admission, VoteVets Calls for Impeachment Inquiry, Resignation of H.R. McMaster

WASHINGTON, DC - With Donald Trump admitting the Washington Post story about him divulging secrets to Russian officials is not false, as his administration tried to maintain last night, VoteVets released the following statement.  

Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets said:


“Now that Donald Trump has admitted that the Washington Post story is not ‘fake news’ at all, Congress must immediately convene an impeachment inquiry to gather all the facts, and determine if what Donald Trump did rises to the level of impeachment, and removal from office. Under normal circumstances, Congress could use a slower process, with multiple hearings and investigations, before moving to impeachment.   However, given that the central question around Trump’s actions is the security of the United States, and American lives, we do not have the luxury of time.  Therefore, it is appropriate to concurrently investigate this matter and weigh whether it is an impeachable offense.


On another note, we would urge H.R. McMaster to resign.  There is being a good soldier, and then there is sticking your neck out to mislead the country, to protect a president that is acting recklessly and possibly endangering American lives.  What H.R. McMaster did, last night, was the latter.  Unfortunately, those actions mean he is no longer fit to serve as National Security Adviser.”


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