Iraq War Commander warns against new sanctions on Iran

Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton lays out the military case for continued negotiations, in online video

“People in Congress who root for the deal to fail have not thought through the alternatives, which are stark: The Iranian program will be limited diplomatically, or we will have a war.”

Washington, DC – In a video released, today, the former Commanding General of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team in Iraq, Paul D. Eaton, speaks out forcefully against Congress passing a new sanctions bill aimed at Iran.  In the video, sponsored by, General Eaton makes it very clear that Congress has a simple choice: Support negotiations, or war.  Those who support negotiations, Eaton says, must not tie the hands of our negotiators, by passing new sanctions. 

The whole video can be viewed, here:

“People in Congress who root for the deal to fail have not thought through the alternatives, which are stark: The Iranian program will be limited diplomatically, or we will have a war,” Eaton says in the video, after reviewing the state of negotiations.  “Interference by Congress won't strengthen our negotiators’ hand, it will make it harder for them to do their job. Diplomacy is far more likely to work without backseat driving from Congress.” 

“Congress has the responsibility to do everything it can before putting American troops in harm’s way -- which should only be a last resort. That means letting diplomacy work and not undermining our negotiators… That old warrior Winston Churchill understood that it was ‘better to jaw jaw than to war war.’ Diplomacy is our best way to prevent an Iranian bomb and avoid another war in the Middle East. Congress should support that mission, for our military, for our security, and for our nation,” Eaton adds. plans an aggressive online push for the video, including, but not limited to, online advertising, email campaigns, and robust social media marketing. 

Release of the video is the latest move by the over 400,000 strong veterans group, in its campaign to support the State Department’s historic nuclear negotiations with Iran.  The group has collected tens of thousands of petition signatures supporting negotiations, and spoken with a number of elected officials on Capitol Hill about the need to exhaust all diplomacy, before considering new sanctions against Iran. 

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