Jon Soltz Returns From Iraq; Reassumes Role as Chair Soltz, among the last troops out of Iraq, available for interviews on VoteVets in 2012, his transition home, what removal of troops means for US

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WASHINGTON, DC – Jon Soltz, who deployed in early 2011 to Iraq as a Major in the US Army, has returned to the United States and is reassuming his previously held role of Chairman.  In Iraq, Soltz served as an advisor to the Iraqi Army – preparing them for the removal of US troops.
“The road to ending the war in Iraq has been long.  When I first helped form in 2006, it was for a simple reason – many troops and veterans felt the war was wrong, and that it had to be wrapped up so we could focus on al Qaeda and the real threats to America,” Soltz said.  “Now, we have finally seen the day when the war is over, and I know I join with every other Iraq War Veteran in saying this is a truly great day.”
Soltz added, “Now we move on to 2012.  One of things I’ve seen upon my return is just how tough things are for veterans coming home.  It’s always been tough for veterans, but given the state of the economy and our politics, now is even tougher for veterans and military families.  The good news is that now more than ever, veterans are ready to get out front and speak loudly in the election year.  This could very well be the year of the veteran.  From jobs and the economy, to budget cuts that hurt veterans, to keeping America secure, veterans and will be leading the conversation.”
While Soltz was deployed, Ashwin Madia, a fellow Iraq War Veteran, held the position of Interim Chairman.  Madia will now leave that post, but will remain active with the group as a Senior Advisor.

Soltz is available for interviews to speak out his transition back, the next year for, and provide a larger perspective on what the removal of US Troops from Iraq means to the future of the region, as it pertains to the Arab world and Iran.

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