Marine Veteran Responds To Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Charge That It Is "Highly Inappropriate" to Challenge John Kelly Because of Rank

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CBS News' White House reporter Chip Reid that it was "highly inappropriate" to hold John Kelly accountable, or question him, because he was a four-star Marine General.


VoteVets Director of Government Relations Will Fischer, an Iraq War Veteran who previously served in the Marines as a Corporal, released the following response:


“No high-ranking military officer is above questioning, or accountability, so I would strongly refute the assertion Ms. Sanders made today that John Kelly’s former rank makes him immune to press scrutiny. 


In fact, I would highly encourage the media to always hold military leadership’s feet to the fire. They work for you, not the other way around.  A free press that questions the decisions that the military makes is a core tenet of a free society. I would encourage members of the media to not be intimidated by the words of Ms. Sanders.


I would also encourage John Kelly, who I highly respect, to publicly apologize to Rep. Wilson. Falsehoods that are told from the White House podium should always be corrected, especially when it concerns a member of another branch of government. That too is essential if our Republic is to function and thrive.”


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