Military Spouse Speaks Out, As Trump Hiring Freeze Impacts Her Child's School

Wiesbaden, Germany - A military spouse, whose child's school has been adversely impacted by Donald Trump's Federal hiring freeze, is speaking out, upon receiving a memo from the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden stating that all of their part-day Child and Youth Services (CYS) programs will close, due to the freeze.
VoteVets posted the memo last night on Twitter, here:
Now, the mother of a child in such a program, is speaking out.
“People need to understand that this hiring freeze has a real impact on people’s lives,” said Emily Bewley, a military spouse who received the letter upon picking up her child from school. "President Trump sees numbers in a budget to be cut. What he doesn't see is the countless number of military families who are being affected by this. The people who are getting hurt in this situation are the children of our military, who already sacrifice so much for our country. While I don't think it was ever his intent to hurt military families, the fact is, he has. There was a better way for this to be done -- if he would have taken the time to find it."
Trump's hiring freeze was one of his very first executive orders, and can be found here:
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