NV, FL and IA Veterans Express Dismay on Romney Veterans Plan

 ·  VoteVets.org, Press Release

Veterans from Iowa, Nevada, and Florida are expressing dismay at Mitt Romney's suggestion that he would be interested in voucher-izing the veterans care system in America.  On Veterans Day, in South Carolina, Romney said, "Sometimes you wonder, would there be some way to introduce some private sector competition, somebody else that could come in and say, you know, each soldier gets X thousand dollars attributed to them and then they can choose whether they want to go on the government system or the private system and then it follows them."

"Mitt Romney is wrong about veterans care, and his thoughts on what to do with veterans in this country would be the undoing of America's promise to take care of veterans," said Elliot Anderson, an Afghanistan Veteran from Las Vegas, who served in the Marines from 2001-2005, and now serves in the State Assembly.  "The Department of Veterans Affairs provides high-quality care to millions of veterans.  The issue isn't cost or quality of care - it's that the system is flooded and is in clear need of expanded services."

"I hate to imagine what would happen to veterans under a President Romney," said Jeff Lindeman, a Desert Storm and Afghanistan Veteran from Iowa City, Iowa, who served in Army National Guard from 1985-2006.  "We'd be left out in the cold.  To be thrown into the private system, which is clearly broken, would lead to so many veterans, who already face tremendous hardship, having to fight to have their war wounds cared for.  I can't believe that Mitt Romney even suggested that."

"Mitt Romney s intentions to send VA healthcare towards privatizations is dangerous, reckless and something that would disenfranchise America's Military from the government," said Nick Breeze an Iraq War Veteran from Tallahassee, Florida, who served in the Army from 2002-2007. "Rather than say we need to expand services for veterans, Mitt Romney's gut reaction is to take advantage of wounded warriors and make some money off of them, especially when they are the most vulnerable. We served our country during a time of war when America needed us the most. As a result of that, some of us where injured or wounded."

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