PRESS RELEASE: Veterans Oppose GOP Efforts to End Unemployment Insurance

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Vets speak out against HR 1745, the so-called "JOBS Act"


Washington - Veterans are speaking out against a Republican bill being marked-up in the Ways and Means Committee today that would end guaranteed unemployment insurance.  HR 1745, the so-called JOBS Act, would end guaranteed unemployment insurance and cuts extended benefits for 4 million Americans.  Among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, according to the latest job numbers, the unemployment rate is 10.9 percent compared to a national rate of 9 percent.

Ashwin Madia, Iraq War veteran and Interim Chairman of said of the GOP's bill, "The unemployment rate among veterans is higher than the general population, and particularly high among those veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have come home to a tough economy.  So, the Republican Party attempt to end guaranteed unemployment benefits would hit veterans particularly hard.  Republicans seem to want to make the case that their bill on unemployment benefits would somehow encourage people to find jobs.  We can only infer that they are saying those who served our nation in war are somehow too lazy to find work.  The fact is, veterans are having a tough time finding jobs - but they are looking.  Cutting off their unemployment benefits is only the Republicans adding insult to injury, for those who served our nation in uniform."

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