San Juan, PR - Pablo Pantoja, former combat infantryman and Iraq War Veteran who served in the Florida and Puerto Rico National Guards, and the former Florida GOP Hispanic Outreach Director, released the following statement on Donald Trump's visit to Puerto Rico, this morning, and what he would like to see from Trump:


"Puerto Ricans like myself, and the thousands and thousands of veterans in Puerto Rico, served America, because we're Americans who love America. The response, thus far, to Hurricane Maria has not been as good as the response to mainland disasters.


President Trump should acknowledge that reality, today. It would mean a lot for him to say that he understands not just what has gone right, but what has gone wrong, in terms of his response.


Beyond logistics, President Trump has had a changing tone in regards to Puerto Rico and some of its leaders. More recently, we saw how he berated Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan. He went as far as to politicize the life-saving work she was doing by saying the Democrats had made her criticize him. I highly doubt she was, since the mayor has always been outspoken through her career. We hope Trump visit brings everyone together, including the mayor of San Juan. 


We don’t have time for his political nasty antics. People are dying.  Even Trump’s 3-star General on the ground has said he’s never seen a disaster like this in his entire career.


We expect more from America’s president."


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