WASHINGTON – A technical amendment likely to be added to the Affordable Care Act repeal could strip tax credits for insurance from potentially millions of veterans.  


The amendment, detailed by the Washington Post this morning, as well as a former policy adviser for Mike Pence, explained that the original bill extended tax credits to veterans who are eligible for VA care but have not enrolled in the VA.  Because that language did not go through committees of jurisdiction, like the Committee on Veterans Affairs, the bill most likely cannot be passed through the budget reconciliation process, that prevents a filibuster, in the Senate.  


Given a choice between running the bill through all the appropriate committees for oversight, or changing the tax benefits, Republicans chose the latter.  An amendment was introduced that changes the application of tax credits.   Whereas the original bill allowed those veterans who qualify for care at the VA, but don’t get their care there, to receive a tax credit for insurance, the amendment disallows any tax credits for veterans who qualify for VA care, at all. 


A reported eight million veterans qualify for, but do not use, VA care.  


In response to the news, Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Outreach for VoteVets said:


"What started as a bad bill has now turned into a grotesque Frankenstein monster, a crude and rushed patchwork of mini-bills that hurt people who can least afford it.  


Now, we find out that Trumpcare will strip tax credits from potentially millions of veterans, and flood the VA with new patients at a time the VA is understaffed to handle a rush, thanks to the Donald Trump’s hiring freeze. 


Since the freeze went into effect, we've already seen wait times lengthen; the claims backlog that President Obama had virtually eliminated, starting to grow again.  This will only cause things to get worse.  


We cannot put it more simply than this:  Trumpcare will punish veterans.  You cannot be pro-veteran and vote for Trumpcare.”


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