WASHINGTON, DC - Below is the statement of retired Major General Paul D. Eaton, a former Iraq war commander, regarding the missile strikes on a Syrian airfield, last evening:
"The strike against airfields in Syria, last night, was a limited response, but the larger problem of the Assad regime remains.
We must hear from Donald Trump what his plans are. A single strike is a tactical response to a strategic problem.  What is his plan? Or is this what Republicans deemed a "pin prick" response, when President Obama proposed the same thing?  
If he at all intends to use force further, either against ISIS or Assad, he must go to Congress for approval.  We stand with members of both parties who have consistently said that during the previous administration, and the current one.  
Finally, he must be willing to take in refugees, now that we are becoming steadily more involved in Syria's civil war. TelePrompTer sympathies for the dead and wounded are empty when he won't bring these innocent children and their parents to safety. It is time for Donald Trump to admit he was wrong, and uphold President Obama's decision to bring in more refugees."
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