Statement of VoteVets on Nomination of Ben Carson to HUD

WASHINGTON, DC - As Ben Carson begins his confirmations hearings to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, VoteVets senior adviser, Navy veteran Peter Kauffmann released the following statement:
"Hundreds of thousands of veterans live in HUD-assisted housing, and many homeless veterans will one day get off the streets, thanks to HUD programs.  To put someone so wholly unqualified and inexperienced as Ben Carson in charge of these programs is a complete and total insult to the veterans’ community. To put it bluntly, the nomination of Ben Carson to HUD is a joke.  Given that Donald Trump smeared Gold Star families and POWs, it is no shock how little he thinks of veterans in need of housing assistance.  It is up to the Senate to reject the nomination, in short order, and tell Donald Trump to stop playing games.”
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