Statement on News That Las Vegas Terrorist Had Bump Stock with Him

WASHINGTON, DC - Tonight, multiple outlets are confirming that the man who murdered dozens and wounded hundreds in Las Vegas had at least one bump-stock with him - an attachment that turns a semi-automatic weapon into one that can fire rapidly, like a fully automatic weapon. 


Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets made the following statement regarding the news:


“Bump stocks, like Stephen Paddock had, turn one weapon of war, into an even more deadly weapon of war. They’re used to turn a deadly gun into one that is able to take out dozens – if not hundreds – of people in seconds.  Ronald Reagan had the sense to ban automatic weapons. Bump stocks spit on Ronald Reagan’s grave, by getting around his law.  


“If we continue to have completely laxed attitudes regarding weapons of war and death, we cannot express shock and horror when we have tragedies like these. Either this is the price we’re willing to pay, or it’s not.


“As veterans, we know that war is sometimes necessary. But it isn’t desirable. Death isn’t desirable. We hope and pray that our leaders do all they can so that our military doesn’t deploy to use these weapons. Likewise, we should hope and pray that our leaders do all they can do to make sure that no one can use these weapons to wipe out Americans here at home.”


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