Trump accuses U.S. troops of stealing and living well off of Iraq funds

Retired Maj. Gen. Eaton on Trump’s Charge:  "It is disqualifying, as far as I'm concerned."


WASHINGTON, DC - Last night, Donald Trump accused US service members of stealing funds for Iraqi reconstruction, going unpunished, and living well off the stolen funds. Video of the shocking statement can be found here:

This is not the first time that Trump has charged US troops with apparently stealing suitcases of money, and running away with it.   

Last year, he said something similar, regarding money in Afghanistan.  You can view that video here: 

In response to Trump's charges, Senior adviser to, Retired Major General Paul Eaton, a former commander in Iraq, said the following: 

"Trump's attack against the courageous American men and women who heroically worked to restore law and order in Iraq is at once uninformed and irresponsible, and is testimony to why Mr. Trump is unqualified to serve as Commander in Chief of the finest troops on the planet. 

"From saying he doesn't like POWs because they were captured, to trying to get disabled veterans kicked out from in front of Trump Tower, to belittling service by calling his sexual exploits in the 80s his "personal Vietnam," it is clear Trump has no respect for military service, or the people who serve. 

"For him to smear our troops and veterans as he has, it is disqualifying, as far as I am concerned." 

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