Veterans' group targets Sanford with new ad

 ·  Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill   ·   Link to Article

A veterans' group is adding to the on-air barrage of attacks against Republican Mark Sanford in the South Carolina special House election, this time with an ad that highlights the disappearance that led to the discovery of his affair.


“I was there when my country called – even deploying to Afghanistan at age 58. Mark Sanford abandoned his post," Wingard says in the ad.

He then goes on to note that when Sanford went to Argentina to see his mistress for six days in 2009, "no one … could reach him."

"It really hurt me, and I think it betrayed all of South Carolina and all of the citizens," he says.

This is the third negative ad launched against Sanford in a little over a week. Though none mention his affair by name, all three make veiled reference to it, and this new ad is the most overt. 

Sanford has suffered multiple on-air attacks and a serious blow to his election prospects last week when national Republicans decided to withdraw from the race following the leak of court documents that showed he trespassed on his ex-wife's property. 

He recently trailed Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch in the polls by a small margin, but he'll have a tough road to Election Day overcoming the series of setbacks he's faced in recent days.

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