Veterans Group to Air Anti-Trump Commercial During Alec Baldwin-Hosted 'SNL' Episode

 ·  Patrick Shanley, Hollywood Reporter   ·   Link to Article

VoteVets, a "political action committee," tweeted confirmation that it had bought ad space on this week's episode.

Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump will not be the only jabs taken at the president during the upcoming episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live.

VoteVets, an organization that claims its mission is to "use public issue campaigns to give a voice to veterans on matters of national security, veterans' care, and every day issues" and boasts the support of over 500,000 veterans, announced on its Twitter Saturday that it will be airing an ad on tonight's episode of SNL.

The ad features a man performing squats in a weight rack while the camera pulls out, revealing he is a veteran and an amputee who has lost one of his legs. Over the video, the veteran reads the following message:

"President Trump, I hear you watch the morning shows. Here’s what I do every morning. Look, you lost the popular vote, you’re having trouble drawing a crowd, and your approval rating keeps sinking. But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims won’t help. That’s not the America I sacrificed for. You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one."

The organization also called out Trump for being vocal on social media following previous SNLbroadcasts. "Trump can't resist watching @nbcsnl, and tonight a combat wounded Afghanistan vet will speak to him in our latest ad," tweeted VoteVets.

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