Veterans Slam Ann Coulter's (Usual) Ignorance on Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

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Washington, DC - The largest progressive veterans group in America,, responded to a hateful and ignorant blog post from conservative commentator Ann Coulter, regarding the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

In the blog post (link:, Coulter writes, "Soldiers, sailors and Marines living in close quarters who are having sex with one another, used to have sex with one another or would like to have sex with one another simply cannot function as a well-oiled fighting machine. A battalion of married couples facing a small unit of heterosexual men would be slaughtered.... But liberals enjoy engaging in wild social experiments with other people's lives, safety and money in order to feel better about themselves. So now the next Republican president is going to have to repeal open sexuality in the military along with Obamacare.   Let's just hope the Germans don't start feeling militaristic before then."

In response, released the following statement:

"Canada, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.  Those are just a small sliver of the 26 nations, including the United States, which allow gays and lesbians to serve openly.  In each and every case, their militaries were stronger for allowing the most qualified and able people in their nations to serve.  The US military has very strict codes of conduct that prevent fraternization in the ranks, specifically in regards to public affection in uniform and dating among officers and enlisted personnel.  The repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell doesn't change that.  Ann Coulter says we should fear the Germans feeling militaristic now that the US allows all to serve openly.  Germany.  That's another nation, by the way, that allows gays and lesbians to serve openly.  In short, Ann Coulter has no idea what she's talking about, is speaking based on complete and utter ignorance, and is simply embarrassing herself.  That, of course, seems par for the course with her."

Don't Ask, Don't Tell was fully repealed this month.  A number of scientific surveys of the military showed the vast majority of troops said a repeal wouldn't affect them or their ability to do their jobs.



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