Vets and Gold Star Mothers blast Trump on press conference

New York, NY - After postponing it a day, Donald Trump is holding a press conference to finally clear up how much money is being sent to veterans charities, from a political rally he held in January, while avoiding the Republican Debate in Iowa.  Investigations by the Washington Post, CNN, and others had found that he had not raised the money he said he did, and never cut a personal $1 million check that he had said he did.
Below are reactions from veterans and Gold Star mothers (those who lost children in war) 
Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran, Chairman, 
"Donald Trump is a walking, talking fraud. He promises things he doesn't plan on delivering, and claims he delivered things he never did. To do that to veterans, and then to only act when he is caught up in a PR disaster, shows just how little he thinks of veterans.
"For four months, Donald Trump didn't cut the check to veterans groups that he claimed he had, and had not raised the money he said he did. And he never would have, unless investigations by multiple outlets had exposed him.
"He was caught, shamed and now is pretending he is some champion of veterans, after flat out defrauding them, for months. That tells me all we need to know about how he would scam veterans if he ever got any actual power." 
Karen Meredith, Gold Star mother, Military Families Liaison, 
“Let’s be honest:  Donald Trump didn’t raise what he said he raised, never cut a check, and never would have, if it wasn’t for investigative reporters catching him and shaming him.  He’d have spent the rest of the campaign making false claims about money he never raised, and never donated.  It is another example of the lack of respect he has for those who served.
“As a Gold Star Mother, I listened in horror, as he said that he ‘liked people who weren’t captured’ in war, as if they were losers for not completing their mission and coming back.  I thought of my son, Ken, who lost his life in service to America, and couldn’t even imagine what Mr. Trump really thinks about him, and all those who didn’t come back alive.  Seeing how easily, and effortlessly Mr. Trump was ready to lie about donations to veterans’ groups, until he was caught, I am now sure that he feels no respect for the fallen, other than as public relations cover, when he feels like his image needs a boost.  That being the case, I know I speak for a great many Gold Star mothers when I say that he has no place being Commander in Chief.” 
Michelle DeFord, Gold Star mother, supporter: 
"Mr. Trump hasn't the slightest notion of what the word sacrifice means.  His grandiose gestures about giving money to our vets is purely for the benefit of the media." 
Trump claimed he cut $1 million check for veterans, but didn't until caught:
Trump said he raised $6m for veterans, but didn't:
Trump said groups got money, but they hadn't received checks:
Trump evaded Vietnam through four student draft deferments, and one medical deferment for "bone spurs" in his foot:
Trump said disabled veterans "downgraded" Fifth Avenue, and wanted them kicked out from in front of Trump Tower:
Trump on Prisoners of War:  "I like people who weren't captured."
Trump on avoiding STDs while sleeping around in the 1980s:  “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam.  It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”
Trump on his ritzy military themed private school:  "Always felt I was in the military" and "gave me more training, militarily, than a lot of the guys that go into the military." 
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