Vets Call on Walsh To Apologize to Duckworth For Political Stunt While She Was on Duty

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CHICAGO, IL - A national veterans group representing over 105,000 members is today demanding Congressman Joe Walsh apologize to Tammy Duckworth, for challenging her to appear with him yesterday, while she was on Army duty, and legally unable to participate.  Walsh put out a press release challenging Duckworth to show at the event, and reportedly ran robocalls in the district, also challenging her to show up.

This weekend, Duckworth, who still serves in the Army National Guard, was on duty this weekend.  Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Duckworth was legally prohibited from appearing at any campaign events while on duty.

"Joe Walsh just cannot stop trying to use Tammy Duckworth's service against her, and he needs to stop, now," said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of  "Whether or not his campaign was aware of her Army obligations, he now is, and should immediately apologize for this stunt.  We should be thankful for the service of all of our troops, not use their time in uniform as an opportunity to play a political stunt."

This isn't the first time Walsh has landed in hot water for comments regarding Tammy Duckworth's service.  Earlier in the month, he said of Duckworth to Politico, ""What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran ... ehhh...."  Later, he doubled-down on his comments, saying, "I will also reiterate what I said last week, which was that I, and people of the 8th district, want to know what Tammy has done in addition to her service, and where she stands on the issues."  Walsh ignored Duckworth service after returning from Iraq, which included leading the Department of Veterans Affairs in Illinois, and serving as Assistant Secretary at the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

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