Vets Cheer Duckworth Victory

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"One step closer to sending a great vet to Congress"

Chicago, IL - PAC, the largest progressive group of veterans in America, today is cheering the primary victory of Tammy Duckworth in her race for Congress. PAC endorsed Duckworth, and raised thousands of dollars for her through the internet.

"Tammy Duckworth represents what is great about America.  She's dedicated her life, and sacrificed so much for the defense of this nation, and to helping those who served.  Her strength, spirit and ideals will make her an incredible Congresswoman for Illinois," said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of PAC.  "Very rarely do people get to cast their ballot for someone with a stellar resume that's only surpassed by her incredible heart, but the people of the 8th will get to do just that in November."

As she moves to the general election, Soltz issued a promise that PAC would monitor the race and stay active.

" will be heavily involved in this very important race, and we'll do everything we can do help Tammy, now that we're one step closer to sending a great vet to Congress," he said.  "At the same time, we'll be there to make sure that her opponent runs a clean campaign, and does nothing that demeans her service.  We'll be watching very closely."

Founded in 2006, the mission of Political Action Committee is to elect Veterans to public office, with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America's 21st century troops and veterans. Though PAC is non-partisan, candidates it backs must support's core mission and beliefs.


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